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June 9, 2015

Running to feel better – no really.

by Jess Guth

Here’s a post from my running blog but I think it is useful here too. Academics are often rubbish at looking after themselves and I am no exception. There is a trigger to me feeling as I do but the trigger would be nothing if I wasn’t already so exhausted, irritated and disillusioned with so much of Higher Education. More on that another time.

really (not) a runner

I seem to have managed to keep the worst of my depression at bay. Let’s keep the black dog metaphor going – I have shut that stupid black mutt out but it is still hanging around outside. For only the second time in my academic career (which now spans well over 10 years) I have withdrawn from a conference. I was due to fly out to Sweden tomorrow but I just couldn’t get my head round flying out there on my own, I couldn’t get my head round exploring somewhere I’d never been before and I couldn’t get me head round giving two papers and putting my research out there for comment. I’ve cancelled. I shall miss seeing some great colleagues and friends but I need to look after myself.

Running and yoga seem to be becoming a part of that. I went to work today and mostly it was…

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