Publications and Publication Projects

Legal Academic’s Handbook

I am very excited to tell you that the Legal Academic’s handbook I edited with Professor Chris Ashford on  is now in prodcution and will be published early next year. The handbook aims to offer advice on all aspects of (legal) academic careers and has been incredible to work on. It wasn’t an easy task given the number of contributions but it was fun and inspiring and we really hope the book is useful!

Perspectives on Legal Education

I am equally excited to tell you that the edited collection I have been working on with Nigel Duncan (City) and Chris Ashford is also in production. You can pre-order a copy here. It’s over-priced I think but it is really rather wonderful with some brilliant contributions!

Upcoming Conference  Papers

Nothing planned just now although I will be doing something at the Association of Law Teachers conference in March 2016 and I am doing a University of Bradford School of Law research seminar on ‘Surviving the neo-liberal madness in a University Law School’ early next semester.

Selected Publications

Guth, J. (2016 forthcoming). Thinking Critically About Law: Book Reviews in Law and Society in Bone, A and Maharg, P. Title TBC Published by the Centre for Professional Education and Regulation in Law, Australian National University.

Guth, J. (2016). Social Justice: Education for Sustainable Development in Law Schools’ in Ashford, C and McKeown, P ( ‘Legal Education and Social Justice’ Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Guth, J (2016 in production). Several Chapters in. Ashford, C. and Guth, J. (Eds) (2016 in production). Legal Academics’ Handbook. Palgrave MacMillan

Guth, J ( 2015 in production) ‘Fostering Curiosity: The Importance of Research and Teaching in Law Schools. A Response to Dawn Oliver’ in Ashford, C., Duncan, N and Guth, J. (Eds)). Perspectives on Legal Education. Routledge

Guth, J. (forthcoming 2015) ‘Law as the Object and Agent of Integration: Gendering the Court of Justice of the European Union, its decisions and their impact’ in Abels, G. and McRae, H. ‘Gendering European Integration Theory’ Opladen: Barbara Budrich Verlag

Guth, J. and Ashford, C. (2014) ‘The Legal Education and Training Review: Regulating Socio-legal and liberal legal education? The Law Teacher, 48 (1) 5-19.

Guth, J. and Mowlam, E. (2015). Law Express Question & Answer: European Union Law. 3rd Edition. Pearson Longman

Guth, J. and Singh-Landa, C. (2013). Law Express Question & Answer: Employment Law. 2nd Edition Pearson Longman

Guth, J. and Mowlam, E. (2012) ‘The Evolution of European Union Citizenship: Where does Zambrano Take us?’ The Law Teacher, 46(1) 75-82

with  Cherkassky, L. et al (2011). Legal Skills. Palgrave MacMillan

Guth, J. (2011) ‘When is a Partner not a Partner? Conceptualisations of ‘Family’ in EU free movement Law’. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law Volume 33(2) 193 -204

Guth, J. and Wright, F. (2010), ‘“We don’t have the key to the executive washroom”: women’s perceptions and experiences of promotion in academia’ in Cater-Steel, A. and Cater, E. ’Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges’, IGI Global

Guth, J. (2009) ‘The Case for Time Turners: The practicalities of being a new law lecturer’ The Law Teacher, 43(2) 185 – 199

Guth, J. and Wright, F. (2009) ‘Women in the Higher Education Sector’ Industrial Law Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1, pp139-142

Guth, J (2008) ‘My conversation Choices and Chances: Becoming a Law Lecturer in the 21st Century’, Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education Vol 6 (1), 41 -54

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