I am currently involved in a number of research  projects. Details below:

Sexual Orientation and Academic Identity Project

I was very excited to finally be able to start work on my LGBTQ Legal Academics Project over a year ago and then things sort of stalled a bit and I haven’t pushed it. I still really want to do it and I don’t want those responses I did receive to be wasted.  Details are here and if you are a legal academic based in the UK who indentifies as LGBTQ  I’d really like to invite you to take part. The research has two phases, the first based on journals/diaries and the second based on interviews. Click on the link above to get all the info you need or just get in touch.

Examining Legal Skills

Together with Professor Fiona Cownie of Keele University I started  working on putting together a project which examines the teaching of (academic) legal skills in Law Schools. We will be examining legal skills teaching provision and legal skills textbooks and we will be speaking to publishers, teachers and students to get a better understanding of how legal skills are taught and learned and why. Watch this space because just as we got started on sorting this out Fiona got a huge promotion and then I became Head of School…

Gendering EU Legal Integration and the CJEU

I have been working in areas which are directly or indirectly linked to EU law (aren’t most things?) for all of my career but I always struggled with some of the institutional and procedural aspects and those which may be considered constitutional and political. I found them quite tedious and dull and was more interested in substantive legal issues. Then I met a bunch of political scientists interested in gender and the EU and all that changed. I have just finished a book chapter on gendering EU legal integration and another on the Court of Justice’s transformational role for a special issue. There is also a  paper I presented  at the IPSA Annual Congress in Montreal in July 2014 on gendering the CJEU. The paper won the Francesco Kjellberg award at the conference which was very exciting (see blog).  The paper now forms the starting point for a book proposal for a book on Gender and the CJEU. The draft version of the paper is here and comments are most welcome: Gendering the European Court of Justice IPSA paper J Guth

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